Healthcare Distribution Overview

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Every day, hundreds of healthcare product distributors deliver supplies to hospitals, nursing homes and physicians’ offices across the United States. They play a critical role in a global supply chain that saves healthcare providers time and money.

Distributors Connect The Global Supply Chain To Local Healthcare Providers

Manufacturer officeThousands Of Manufacturers Worldwide
Vehicles for distribution in supply chain➔ Hundreds Of Distributors ➔
Hospital and physician buildings6,000 Hospitals
44,500 Long-Term Care Facilities
230,000 Physician Offices & Clinics

Distributors Save Healthcare Providers Time & Money While Delivering The FDA-Approved Supplies They Need

Supply Chain Without Distribution
Image: Supply Chain Without Distribution
Supply Chain With Distribution
Image: Supply Chain With Distribution

Long-Term Contracts Cover Wide Range Of Products

(Swabs, Specimen Cases)

Infection Prevention
(Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Prep Pads)

Personal Protection
(Mask, Gowns, Gloves)

Treatment Products
(Syringes, IV Supplies, Ventilators)

Distributors Serve Different Types Of Healthcare Providers

Hospital Distributors
Manufacturer office

8-10 National Full-Line Distributors; Regional & Specialty Distributors

Truck for distribution

Hospital Storeroom or Warehouse

6,000 Hospitals

Nursing Homes, Physicians’ Offices Distributors