HIDA: Driving Legislation To Include Distributors In Pandemic Response – 2020

November 2020

From the beginning of the pandemic, HIDA has worked to share with federal and state policymakers the logistical expertise and perspective that comes from delivering medical supplies to over 300,000 healthcare providers across the country.

HIDA’s Government Affairs department worked in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that its proposals to have distributors involved in pandemic planning and SNS replenishment were the favored approach on Capitol Hill and included in every major bill addressing COVID-19. The team engaged in a public affairs campaign to raise awareness about distributors’ vital role in pandemic response and shared with federal agencies the lessons distributors have learned in order to strengthen the government response to COVID-19. View the PDF to see all HIDA has done to be the voice of distributors with our government partners.

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Infographic: Driving Legislation To Include Distributors In Pandemic Response. Please enable images to view.