Understand the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare supply chain and discover strategies to move forward.

Thank You For Attending

Thank you for participating in HIDA’s first-ever virtual conference!  We encourage you to revisit all the on-demand education session recordings and speaker download files – access available for only 30 days.

Now more than ever its important for our industry to come together and plan a path forward.

COVID-19 Focused Education Sessions

COVID-19 Supply Chain Summit

Learn from online education sessions entirely focused on COVID-19
Two days of short, information-packed live sessions.

  • Gain insights on the potential next wave
  • Prepare for increased demand as elective procedures return
  • Get a forecast for the coming economic recovery from noted economist Alan Beaulieu

Connect with partners in the Reverse Expos and Innovation Expo
Communicate with Expo exhibitors immediately and access company information online.

Distributor Reverse Expo: Connect with distributors from all markets
September 22 | 3:00-4:00pm EDT

GPO & IDN Reverse Expo: Meet group purchasing organizations and integrated delivery networks executives
September 22 | 5:15-6:15pm EDT

Innovation Expo: Connect with manufacturers and service providers
September 22 | 12:00-1:30pm EDT

Pre-schedule virtual meetings with your strategic business partners
Meet online in small, private groups. (Separate registration is required.)

  • Book your team and partner meetings by reserving a virtual meeting room
  • Pre-schedule your meetings with the virtual Executive Business Exchanges:
    Distributor Executive Business Exchange: September 23 | 12:30pm EDT
    GPO & IDN Executive Business Exchange: September 23 | 4:15pm EDT

Schedule private video conference meetings with fellow registrants beginning September 1, 2020. Private business meetings hours:  

  • September 22 | 11:00am-6:00pm EDT
  • September 23 | 10:00am-6:00pm EDT
  • September 24 | 11:00am-4:00pm EDT
  • September 25 | 8:00am-5:00pm EDT

Especially For Manufacturers: Your registration for HIDA’s Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange gives you admission to the HIDA Distributor Q&A Webinar series.

  • Each live Distributor Q&A Webinar highlights a different distribution company
  • Includes the opportunity to ask specific questions and explore potential partnerships with each distributor
  • Distributor Q&A Webinars are open to registered Manufacturers only

  • Connect with other attendees in a more informal setting to discuss personal topics of interest or business issues
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+ When is the 2020 virtual Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange taking place?

The virtual Streamlining Healthcare event will take place on the same days as the previously scheduled in-person event, September 22-24, 2020.

+ Are registration rates per person or per company?

All registration fees are per attendee. Each registrant will receive a unique login to access the platform. Without being registered individually, registrants won’t have access to participate in many aspects of the event such as the live chat feature or polling for meeting and education sessions; ability to schedule and/or accept meetings or ability to network with other attendees via real time chat, discussion forums or video call.

+ How do I transfer my in-person registration or exhibit booth to the virtual conference?

If you previously registered as an attendee or purchased exhibit booth space for the in-person event, your registration and/or booth will be automatically transferred to the virtual conference. Should you have any questions regarding your registration or exhibit booth please contact: gil@hida.org or (703) 838-6126.

+ How do I receive a refund for my 2020 Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange registration?

Please contact gil@hida.org or (703) 838-6126 regarding all refunds.

+ How do I receive a refund for my 2020 Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange exhibitor booth space?

Should you need to cancel your exhibit booth space please contact: gil@hida.org or (703) 838-6126.

+ Can I purchase a one day registration?

The virtual Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange only accommodates full registrations, and we are not currently offering one day passes.

+ Can I access the attendee list?

Prior to and during the conference, all registrants will have access to the online attendee list and will only be able to contact and schedule meetings in the platform with those who are also registered.

+ How do I log in on the day of the event?

Each registrant will receive a unique login that will not be able to be forwarded/share with additional attendees for multiple logins on different devices.

+ If I register for the virtual Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange, will I receive access to the session recordings?

Yes, registrants will receive free access to the session recordings both during the event and for 30 days after the event.

+ I won’t be able to attend the virtual event. Can I purchase access to the recordings of the virtual conference presenters after it has ended?

Yes, we will provide the opportunity to purchase recordings from the virtual conference sessions after the conference has ended.

+ How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

All hotel reservations in the HIDA hotel block will be automatically canceled. If you do not receive a cancellation email or have other questions regarding your hotel reservation, please contact: hidahotels@expovision.com or (800) 860-5399.

+ My question isn’t addressed here. Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions not addressed here, please contact Jackie Gil at gil@hida.org or (703) 838-6126.


The Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) is committed to a respectful and safe experience for all participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, and any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. HIDA does not tolerate discrimination, intolerance, harassment, or aggression at any HIDA event, either in person or via electronic communications. Any discriminatory, harassing, inappropriate, or aggressive behavior should be reported to an employee of HIDA or to the event staff immediately. Anyone engaged in inappropriate behavior is subject to removal from the event at HIDA’s discretion.