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Maximizing Your Virtual Experience At HIDA’s Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange

September 15, 2020

Posted by Shaune LaMarca, Senior Manager, Marketing, HIDA


HIDA’s Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange (Sept 22-24) will be presented 100% virtually, and if you’ve never attended an online event you may be wondering what to expect.Here are a few pointers to help you maximize your virtual HIDA Streamlining experience:

Pre-Event Tips

Get Comfortable With The Streamlining Virtual Platform

The Streamlining virtual dashboard includes quick links to education sessions, Expos, and business meetings.

Using the link you received from HIDA on September 1, be sure to create your Streamlining virtual attendee account and password ahead of the show. Explore the full contents of the Streamlining platform including the event agenda, and choose the sessions and networking events you wish to attend. By signing in ahead of the event, you have time to thoroughly review the attendee list, strategize who to meet with, and pre-schedule meetings with fellow attendees.

Join Us For A Walk-Through

If you’re logged in and want a little extra practice using the virtual platform, join HIDA on Zoom for a live Streamlining tour with our virtual expert Jackie Gil. For your scheduling convenience we’re holding two live walk-throughs:

Webinar 1: Wednesday, September 16, 1:00pm EDT 

 Attend Now►

Webinar 2: Monday, September 21, 1:00pm EDT

 Attend Now►

If you can’t attend the live webinars, watch the recorded Streamlining walk-through and check out HIDA’s easy-to-follow virtual resources.

Take an easy-to-follow tour of the Streamlining virtual platform, either live September 16, September 21, or view recording  at your convenience.

Tips For During The Event

Avoid Distractions

Whether you’re attending HIDA Streamlining from your office or home, make sure those around you are aware you are attending a live event and that you need quiet time. Close the door to your home or work office during conference hours. Mark your Outlook calendar as busy, and set an auto-reply on your email. Make sure your phone cell phone is silenced, and your office phone is set to “do not disturb” if you’re attending from work. You want to avoid as many outside disruptions as possible, and prime your environment to help you focus.

Take Breaks

Use the Streamlining scheduled break times to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and grab a coffee or a snack. Breaking every few hours helps you recharge and renew your focus on the events ahead.


Business casual is the recommended attire for the Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange. During Expos, Executive Business Exchanges, private meetings, and virtual happy hours you will be on video conferences with fellow attendees, so dress as you would during an in-person business meeting – think professional, but comfortable (slippers are OK!). Wearing a professional look will help you stay engaged as if you were in an in-person business setting.

Video Conferencing

Always use your camera when you have the option to. Your face is what makes face-to-face networking! To meet via Zoom meetings with multiple companies, attend HIDA’s Innovation Expo, Distributor Reverse Expo, and GPO & IDN Reverse Expo, all September 22.

Also be sure to check out the HIDA evening happy hours, September 22 and 23. HIDA offers a range of happy hour “rooms” focusing on professional and leisure topics ranging from cooking and music, to specific market segments. Don’t forget to bring your beverage of choice!

Relax and network with fellow Streamlining attendees via Zoom meetings during HIDA’s live virtual happy hours, September 22 and 23.

Attend HIDA’s Education Sessions

The HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange offers live education sessions during the COVID-19 Supply Chain Virtual Summit (September 22-23), as well as Post-Conference Sessions (September 24). View the sessions via full-screen on your monitor and take notes with an actual pen and paper – don’t check email!

If you miss a session, recorded presentations will be available to Streamlining attendees for 30 days after the show, but we recommend attending as many live sessions as you can. During the live sessions you can interact with the speakers and ask questions via the live chat, and see what other attendees are saying.


If you have questions about the navigating the Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange, email

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Expert Tom Bouwer To Kick Off HIDA’s Independent Distributors Summit

September 1, 2020

Posted by Shaune LaMarca, Senior Manager, Marketing, HIDA


Tom Bouwer, Co-Author, What The Heck Is EOS? | Tom Bouwer has extensive experience helping business leaders get what they want from their organizations. Tom has worked for start-ups, Fortune 50 companies, and has extensive consulting experience. Bouwer will explain how to use Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) concepts, introduced in the bestselling business book, Traction, to transform your business.

A number of medical products distributors are embracing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to better run their businesses. At HIDA’s Independent Distributors Summit, Thursday, September 24, at the 100% virtual Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange, business expert and What the Heck Is EOS? co-author Tom Bouwer will explain how using EOS can ensure every member of your team has the proper tools for your organization to be successful and profitable.

What Is EOS?

If you’ve never heard of EOS, think of it as being similar to a computer’s operating system – it’s an underlying framework that helps your company be productive. And every company has its own operating system; your operating system determines how your business organizes its human energy, or the way employees meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow processes, communicate, structure, lead, and manage.

EOS can help independently owned distribution companies and their teams get better in three main categories:

VISION: Everyone in the organization is 100% on the same page, is aware of where the organization is going, and how it will get there.

TRACTION: All team members are disciplined and accountable, executing on the company’s vision every day.

HEALTH: The Leadership Team is healthy, functional, and cohesive, and the company is financially sound.

Designed For Small Businesses

EOS is best-suited for small businesses that are open-minded and growth-oriented, and that have between 10 and 250 employees. Its underlying principle is that a company’s core values and focus are derived from its leadership. EOS gives small business leaders tools to better delegate, empowering employees at all levels to make decisions and bring more value.

In today’s coronavirus landscape, having a healthy, cohesive team is a must.

Building Stronger Teams

That’s where EOS comes in: Its system will help your team members better understand and support the greater good of your organization, building a stronger shared vision and trust.

To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Operating System from Tom Bouwer in real-time, register today for the Streamlining Healthcare Expo & Business Exchange to attend the Independent Distributors Summit!

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If you have questions about attending the Independent Distributors Summit, contact Kelley Taft at 703-838-6127.

 Independent Distributors Summit►


Questions about the event? Contact HIDA:

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Director, Conferences and Sponsorship Sales, HIDA