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November 16-17, 2021 | 100% Virtual Event

NEW! HIDA Sales & Marketing Summit

If you’re a healthcare salesperson, or you lead a sales team, plan now to attend HIDA’s first-ever Sales & Marketing Summit, November 16-17, 2021. It’s your opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills for succeeding in today’s quickly-evolving healthcare market.


Who Should Attend

The HIDA Sales & Marketing Summit will benefit sales and marketing professionals from healthcare distributors, manufacturers, group purchasing organizations, and technology companies, including:

  • Sales reps
  • Sales managers
  • National accounts executives
  • Customer service professionals
  • Marketing leaders

How You’ll Benefit

  • Gain insights on healthcare marketing trends and opportunities 
  • Advance your sales skills and strategy
  • Understand changing customer needs
  • More effectively engage and persuade executive-level decision-makers
  • For team leaders: better prepare your team for today’s customer challenges, and hone your own management skills

Leveraging The Advantages Of Virtual

Virtual training is a great way to train your team without wasting precious sales time on travel.

HIDA’s virtual platform offers some great advantages:

  • Ability to attract key experts as presenters and panelists
  • Live, face-to-face discussions and networking via video conference
  • Real-time interaction during conference sessions
  • Convenience and cost savings
  • Safety

Registration & Pricing


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Distributor Contact:

Kelley Taft»
Senior Director of Membership
HIDA, 703-838-6127

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Cindy Chen, MS»
Sr. Manager, Associates Program
HIDA, 703-838-6114

AMS Sales Training Contact:

Callie Nigrelli»
Member Relations Manager
HIDA, 703-838-6116


Space may be limited. Registration is first-come, first-served. Registration forms sent without payment will not be processed. Any photos taken at this event are property of HIDA and can be published without permission in HIDA materials.

Event Cancellation Policy
Participants must cancel in writing via mail, email or fax in order to request a refund, less a $35 processing fee. A full refund minus the processing fee will be available through September 13, 2021 and a 50% refund will be available between September 14 and September 28, 2021. While no refunds will be available after September 28, a company may substitute a registrant at any time without penalty.


(Times and topics subject to change.)

Tuesday, November 16

1:30-2:00pm ET
Seeing Is Believing: Using Video To Supercharge Sales

Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard
Author, The Visual Sale: How To Use Video To Explode Sales, Drive Marketing, and Grow Your Business
Chief Video Strategist

Jan Beery

Jan Beery
President & CEO
KBK Communications

If your prospecting calls and emails aren’t getting the results you want, it’s time for visual selling. In this dynamic session, find out why it’s so powerful – and simple – to add a video element to your messages. You’ll learn:

  • Why video selling is so valuable in the healthcare sales environment
  • What it takes to create an effective visual pitch for a prospect or customer
  • How everyone can use freely available tools to humanize their sales process in this virtual world

2:15-2:45pm ET
Addressing Your Healthcare Customer’s Top 3 Priorities

Jim Poggi

Jim Poggi

They’ve been called the “three M’s”: medicine, mechanics, and money. When you convince a physician or other healthcare customer that your solution address these key priorities, your likelihood of making the sale soars. In this session, learn to create a sales presentation that addresses these critical priorities:

  • Medicine: Showing the customer that your product provides better outcomes for the patient
  • Mechanics: Addressing your buyer’s workflow challenges
  • Money: Demonstrating that your solution will help the facility or practice grow revenue, reduce expenses, or use its assets better

3:00-3:30pm ET
Concurrent Sessions

5 Ways To Make Your E-Commerce Website More User Friendly

Lori McDonald

Lori McDonald
President & CEO
Brilliance Business Solutions

  • How to create user-friendly websites that capture and keep users’ attention
  • How good usability can lead to increased revenue and sales
  • Why it’s critical to examine your website through the eyes of your customer

Understanding Providers’ Post-Pandemic Priorities

Customer needs shifted rapidly during the COVID-19. Price concerns were pushed aside and product availability because the dominant factor in purchasing decisions. But what’s ahead, as customers recover from the financial and human impacts of the crisis? In this session, get insights on current customer plans and priorities from a panel of provider supply chain leaders.

  • Will product country of origin be a major decision point for all purchasing, and if so, are customers factoring that into their budgets?
  • How are customers evaluating supplier “resilience” and how does that impact buying decisions?
  • What actions are providers taking to deal with financial losses during the pandemic?
  • Why is staff stress and burnout a bigger factor than ever, and how can suppliers help?

3:45-4:15pm ET
Concurrent Sessions

Talking to Customers About Self-Distribution

Elizabeth Hilla

Elizabeth Hilla
Senior Vice President

Self-distribution by healthcare providers isn’t new, but it could gain momentum post-pandemic. How will you respond when a customer says “I don’t need you, we’re building our own distribution center”? In this session, gain ideas for helping customers evaluate strategies for increasing their supply chain cushion – and showing that a major capital investment might not be required. This session will examine:

  • Prevalence of "self-distribution" in acute-care and non-acute care settings, and trends to watch for
  • Questions to ask when a customer is investigating self-distribution models
  • Strategies that are almost guaranteed to fail when a customer is considering a new supply chain model – and how to avoid them

How To Educate And Sell The Way Customers Want To Research And Buy

Jan Beery

Jan Beery
President & CEO
KBK Communications

  • Understand the process customers typically follow prior to making an online purchasing decision
  • Identify tools, techniques, and skills to help you influence the customer at each stage of the process
  • Utilize market research to assess target demographics, market conditions, and competition for your online business

4:30-5:15pm ET
Happy Hour & Game Night

Join a virtual team and engage in competition and connection during your very own happy hour game show.

Wednesday, November 17

1:30-2:00pm ET
Concurrent Sessions

Managing PIM Data With Your Trading Partners: What Works And What Doesn’t

Ellenmary Martin

Ellenmary Martin
Chief Strategy Officer/VP Marketing
Dukal Corporation

Matt Wingham

Matt Wingham
Director of E-Commerce
Cardinal Health

Shawn Cooke

Shawn Patrick Cooke
Global Process Leader, Master Data Management
Owens & Minor

  • Ensure information is requested and shared with your trading partners in a consistent format to reduce rework and errors
  • Utilize PIM best practices to address disconnects between distributors and manufacturers when sharing product data
  • Simplify complex processes with your trading partners using PIM

Navigating GPO Relationships To Grow Sales

Understanding the nuances of group purchasing organizations is paramount for any healthcare seller. In this session, get the latest on the evolving group purchasing landscape and gain insights how GPOs fall within a typical provider organization’s sourcing strategy. You’ll walk away with ideas on how to work with GPOs and aggregation groups to develop strategic relationships and grow sales. Gain insights on:

  • Trends in provider contracting strategies and how they impact decision-making
  • Strategies for leveraging GPO contracts if you have them

2:15-2:45pm ET
Concurrent Sessions

Using Reimbursement Knowledge to Advance Customer Decisions

Third-party reimbursement – from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance – drives your provider customers’ financial success. And that means that your understanding of reimbursement drives your sales success as well. In this session, gain a better understanding of how reimbursement works, what factors can result in higher or lower revenue for the provider, and how you as a supplier can help your customers optimize their reimbursements. We’ll cover:

  • The two major types of reimbursement methods and why they can lead to very different customer decisions
  • High-level overview of customers get reimbursed, by market segment
  • Key issues you must understand and follow related to your target customer’s reimbursement
  • Ways to leverage your reimbursement knowledge to offer compelling solutions to customers

ShareGroup Discussion: Managing PIM Data

These interactive meetings allow attendees with similar interests to share challenges, opportunities, and learn from each other.

3:00-3:30pm ET
Optimize Commercial Targeting And Engagement With Product-Level Sales Data

Jason Lau

Jason Lau
Product Manager, Commercial Targeting

Healthcare sales data can be a gold mine of information for salespeople and marketers – but only if you know how to use it. In this session, HIDA data partner Clarivate will share best practices on how to use distributed product sales data to understand purchasing trends and uncover growth opportunities. Attend this webinar to:

  • Gain insights on current market trends
  • Recognize situations where purchasing data can be integrated with current workflows
  • Learn new ways of leveraging data to optimize your commercial strategy

3:45-4:15pm ET
Concurrent Sessions

How Taking No For An Answer Can Help You Get To Yes

Tom Stanfill

Tom Stanfill
ASLAN Sales Training

The secret to overcoming customer resistance? It’s showing your customer that you’re willing to take no for an answer. Sure, it's counterintuitive to most everything you've learned about selling – but it works. Tom Stanfill calls it “dropping the rope” – stopping the tug-of-war and showing the customer you respect their freedom to choose. In this session, learn how dropping the rope can help you:

  • Convert disinterest into receptivity
  • Overcome customer pushback
  • Respond to the five false objections

Getting The Most From Your PIM Platform

Dennis Black, UDI Program Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, BD

  • Determine how to quickly compare and evaluate data within your PIM platform
  • Identify must-have capabilities of a modern PIM software provider
  • Discover hidden features within your PIM platform that can enhance your marketing success


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