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HIDA's Accredited in Medical Sales (AMS) program is a comprehensive sales education system designed to improve healthcare distributor and manufacturer sales performance, and also provides medical sales certification. HIDA members use the AMS program to provide industry education, market specific information, and sales/customer service training for their sales teams. AMS is the only program in the industry designed for selling into healthcare settings.

Timely: Courses and webinars regularly update new and experienced sales reps on current issues facing healthcare customers.

Comprehensive: Over 100 course offerings address topics in all main markets (Acute, Surgery Center, Physician Office, Laboratory, Post-Acute, and Home Care), supply chain, distribution, reimbursement, and more.

Flexible: Curriculum is fully customizable. AMS can be used as a formal initiative, used to fill gaps in your current program, or to meet your company’s vendor credentialing needs.

For more information on AMS Sales Training, include course titles, benefits, and pricing, click here.

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Callie Barthel
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