HMMC members enjoy many benefits, including a unique chance to forge a close network of key industry contacts. Whether you're a high-level executive or an up-and-coming professional seeking invaluable industry knowledge and insights, this network can give you an edge over the competition.

The HMMC membership provides an exclusive opportunity to gain insights and market information from the professionals responsible for bringing innovative and important products and services to the healthcare market today.

Industry Knowledge

Learn from the best at HMMC through dynamic conference speakers and from your manufacturer peers. Education opportunities focus on professional development across a wide expanse of subject matters.

Professional Investment

HMMC membership, for both the seasoned executive and the up-and-coming professional, offers year-round professional development opportunities. HMMC is committed to help all members continue to develop their skills to succeed at ever-higher levels.

Networking Opportunities

HMMC members represent the leading manufacturers in healthcare today. HMMC members are top-level executive leaders who come to share their knowledge and hone their skills.


HMMC is known for its comprehensive educational programs. Conferences offer members the chance to learn from industry leaders, CEOs, thought leaders, experts, and award-winning speakers. The events also provide a fun and relaxing environment for networking and collaboration.

Members also participate in and enjoy the valuable information from exclusive industry surveys conducted at conferences and various times throughout the year.

Conference participants have learned about countless important issues, including:

  • Evolving government regulations
  • The complexities of reimbursement and their impact on sales and marketing strategies
  • The complex sales and marketing relationships among distributors and GPOs
  • How to coordinate messages of their company’s sales and marketing departments
  • How to get into overseas markets, and stay abreast of emerging markets here and abroad
  • Ways to identify and educate customers, and own those relationships
  • How to improve leadership skills
  • General self-improvement skills and technique


You will develop and foster invaluable one-on-one relationships and networking opportunities through HMMC, the premier organization for high-level sales and marketing executives. HMMC members are among the best and brightest in their field and possess a strong desire to continuously improve their professional skills and a generous willingness to share their knowledge and experience with peers. Because HMMC membership is focused on manufacturers, members have numerous opportunities to develop and foster longtime and invaluable one-on-one relationships with peers and other potential resources or suppliers.

The HMMC membership directory is updated frequently and is available only to members. It contains the contact information and company information of all HMMC members, providing a valuable resource for networking and collaboration. Members can access the directory once logged in.


HMMC members gain essential knowledge, skills, and industry insights from influential figures in the healthcare industry. Conference speakers cover crucial topics such as GPO scrutiny, purchasing strategies, private labeling trends, workplace trends, and Capitol Hill updates.