Medical Sales Leader ShareGroup

4 Action Items for Medical Sales Leaders

March 23, 2018

Eighteen executives attended the Medical Sales Leader ShareGroup at HIDA’s Executive Conference to share insights and best practices around product launch in both the manufacturing and distribution perspectives.

#1 Mind-Meld
Make sure your distribution partners understand your products as well as pricing and contracts. Open communication between manufacturer and distributor partners is key for a clearly branded delivery and effective product launch.

#2 Train, Train, Train Some More
Make sure you develop training programs in conjunction with your partner. Distributor reps should be trained to focus on relationships and problem solving for the end-users while manufacturer reps should be trained to know the product inside-out.

#3 Stock Up
Have your products available on the shelves, so they are visible to your inventory and sales teams. Know where your forecast and opportunities are. Avoid unexpected backorders.

#4 Prepare For Lift-Off
Begin conversations on potential product launches as early as possible. Discussions need to be cross-functional, and should involve account managers, marketing team, logistics, and senior leadership.

Stay tuned for more info about the Medical Sales Leader ShareGroup at HIDA’s Streamlining Healthcare Expo and Business Exchange in September 2019.