Marketing and Communications Leaders ShareGroup

4 Action Items for Marketing and Communications Leaders

March 21, 2018

Twenty-three marketing and communications executives shared insights around the utilization of digital marketing on social media at the Marketing and Communications ShareGroup at HIDA’s Executive Conference.

#1 People-To-People
Your posts on social media should focus on your brand, organization’s culture, and core values. Avoid posting product info and specifics as they do not provide social engagement. Social media is not an effective advertising tool.

#2 Get Your Team Into The Game
Integrate all employees with your core marketing and product teams so they are aware of your corporate strategies in its channel perspectives, social postings, and branding. Cultivate and identify your brand ambassadors.

#3 Superstar
People relate more with a person and a face rather than PowerPoint slides. Use your superstar rep who does great product demonstrations. Record them as videos and post them online (YouTube channel). You can be promoting the product and your superstar rep at the same time.

#4 Spontaneous Content
Make sure your social media content, like testimonials, are fresh, not scripted like advertising.

The next Marketing and Communications ShareGroup will be held at HIDA’s Executive Conference in March 2019. Stay tuned for more info.