PDSA Urges Senate Support for Federal Traceability Legislation

HIDA is supportive of efforts to secure the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain and we urge you to bring traceability legislation to the Senate floor as soon as possible.

This vital legislation will protect patients from counterfeit drugs by establishing a uniform, national system for securing the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain. Passage of this important bipartisan legislation, championed so effectively by Chairman Harkin and Ranking Member Alexander, and Senators Bennet and Burr, is strongly supported by HIDA and its fellow members of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA), a multi-stakeholder coalition with members spanning the entire spectrum of the U.S. pharmaceutical distribution system, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, third-party logistics providers, and pharmacies.

To learn more about medical-surgical products distributors in your state, or about efforts to pass a pharmaceutical pedigree solution, please contact Linda Rouse O'Neill, rouse@HIDA.org or (703) 838-6125.

View the PDSA letter