white paper release 

HIDA white paper release 

Improving Pricing Accuracy: Contract Communications Standards for the Healthcare Supply Chain

HIDA Whitepaper: ;Improving Pricing Accuracy Making advances though the series of steps aimed at making our supply chain leaner and less costly, HIDA has released a white paper addressing pricing accuracy in contracting, as well as tools for use by industry companies.

 Improving Pricing Accuracy white paper (pdf) ➤

 Definitions for processing 845 and 867 EDI transaction sets (xls) ➤

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More than 45 companies came together to develop guidelines for manufacturers and distributors in a two-year effort to streamline healthcare contracting processes among distributors, manufacturers, group purchasing organizations, and providers.

Initially released during a special session at the 2014 HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference in Chicago and revised in early 2017, the white paper details a set of procedures for automation of contract management processes, including price authorization acknowledgements, chargeback reconciliations, and manufacturer price/sales catalogs.

Support continues to grow for this initiative as participating companies and trading partners put the guidelines into action and participate in live meetings like the HIDA Contract Administration Conference.