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Annual participation is a free member benefit and is open to members between May and June.

To participate in the 2017 survey contact: Justin Waters»

Why is your involvement important?:

Gain insights that will: Help Grow Sales. Improve Profitability. Identify Areas for Improvement. Support Strategic Planning.

HIDA Business Intelligence

Participation is a free member benefit.  Don’t be left out of this in-depth market study of medical-surgical-laboratory distributors. Results specific to small, medium or large annual revenue markers. Benchmark against your own company’s performance year after year! Compare your company’s financial standing against the aggregated distribution marketplace.

Why should I participate?

  • Repeat participants gain the benefit of benchmarking company performance year-over-year

  • Confidential, detailed, personalized results for your company can be used to educate key stakeholders such as your board members, financial institutions

  • Our expert consultant helps you identify specific performance aspects that could benefit from additional financial focus

  • Benchmarks let you compare your company performance against the industry as a whole

  • Results provide a general financial well-being "check-up" snapshot

  • Greater participation improves the aggregated data for everyone!

HIDA Business Intelligence

What do I recieve?

  1. Individual report

  2. Summary report

  3. Profit report

  4. First quarter update

  5. Individual profit improvement profile

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Who sees my company data?


The 2017 survey is open.

How do I sign up?

  • Download survey form & confidentiality agreement
  • Complete & sign both, send to Dr. Cron by 6/30
  • No cost to HIDA members

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What are the terms?

By participating in the survey, you agree to the terms and conditions listed within and in the confidentiality agreement».


For questions about the survey, or if you haven't received your free participant copy, contact: Justin Waters»


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Benchmark your company's financial standing against aggregate industry data while identifying opportunities to increase performance.

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HIDA adheres to strict confidentiality principles to ensure privacy of all data submitted. Both you and your consultant sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure statement.

  • You send your company data directly to the outside expert consultants for analysis, not to HIDA
  • HIDA staff only sees aggregated data and report summaries with company names blinded
  • At no time does HIDA have access to individual company financial data
  • You receive a unique identification number appearing on all deliverables in place of company name
  • Data is protected by secure, encrypted storage, password protection and other reasonably necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure


Principal investigators and lead writers:

Prof. William L. Cron, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean
M. J. Neeley School of Business Texas Christian University
(817) 257-7534, b.cron@tcu.edu

Prof. Mary Stanford, Ph.D., CPA
Duncan Fellow and Professor of Accounting
M. J. Neeley School of Business Texas Christian University
(817) 257-7483, m.stanford@tcu.edu

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