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2017 Acute Care Market Survey

New Hospitals Use Distribution for Physician Preference Item Cost Reduction

Hospital CFOs and supply chain executives report that investment, growth, and cost control are key strategic objectives for their organizations, in HIDA’s 2017 Acute Care Market Survey. Nearly half of hospitals are exploring purchasing physician preference items (PPI) through distribution instead of directly from the manufacturer in order to reduce supply chain waste and control costs. Nearly all hospital executives who are purchasing PPI through distribution say they are satisfied with their organization’s decision to go this route. 

This year, hospitals plan on making significantly more investment in capital equipment, while continuing to acquire physician practices. While cost control is a priority, supply budgets are projected to have moderate growth. Compared to results from last year’s survey, this year more hospitals are focusing on controlling costs and attracting talented personnel.

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2017 Laboratory Care Market Survey

New Reimbursement Climate Determines Strategic Priorities

HIDA’s panel of laboratory directors and managers reports they are projecting volumes to grow between 1% and 5% next year, according to the 2017 Laboratory Market Survey. They attribute volume increases to marketing efforts and additional capacity. Learn what tests have increased during the past year, and how they expect their send-outs to change next year. 

Laboratories are experiencing a challenging reimbursement climate; 55% say they expect the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) to have a negative revenue impact on their lab. This challenging climate has made cost control a top priority for labs, and is the leading factor impacting supply budgets.

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2016 Physician Office Market Survey

Revenue, Recruiting and Growth

The 2016 HIDA Physician Office Market Survey looks at current service offerings, expansion plans, and future medical supply purchasing, as reported by HIDA’s exclusive research panel of physician office managers. The report also takes an in-depth look at purchasing within system-owned practices. A majority of practices anticipate increased costs and an aging population will drive medical supply budgets upward over the coming year.

New: 43% of physician offices plan on expansion during the next year. Offices are also embracing technology solutions to improve patient contact, and physicians are starting to utilize telemedicine to enhance patient care.

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2016 Extended Care Market Survey

Acuity, Referrals and Quality Impact Occupancy

The 2016 HIDA Extended Care Market Survey looks at supply chain challenges that are top of mind for providers including staffing, maintaining occupancy, and reimbursement issues. The report also looks at strategies in place to combat these challenges.

The participants included skilled nursing facility administrators, CEOs, presidents and owners. A majority of provider executives report increased acuity at their facilities, even more so than in last year’s survey, and 73% expect this trend to continue over the next two years..

New: See how skilled nursing facilities are responding to hospitals’ 30-day readmission penalties, and what they are doing to help. Eighty percent of those surveyed say they are partnering with hospitals, and they give us reasons why. SNF admins also tell us HIDA about specific actions they are taking to help reduce hospital readmissions.

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