Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2012, HIDA has provided members with health reform resources that anticipate changing customer needs. As reform continues to dominate headlines HIDA keeps you on top of the current issues impacting the healthcare supply chain and distributor industry.
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Latest Releases

Healthcare Reform: 2013 Update

Healthcare Reform: 2013 Update HIDA’s newest market brief provides an overview of quality improvement initiatives, insurance and reimbursement reforms, and key issues to watch in 2013.

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Fact Sheet: Employer Shared Responsibility

Fact SheetIn January 2013 the IRS published a proposed rule regarding Shared Responsibility for Employers Regarding Health Coverage outlining potential tax liability for large employers not providing minimum benefits to employees in 2014.

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HIDA healthcare reform analysis slidesStay on Top of the Issues With HIDA Slide Decks

New information detailing how reforms will affect our industry are graphically presented for members to download and use.

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Slide Deck Topics:

  • Community-Based Long-Term Services
  • Physician Quality Reporting System
  • 2014 Medicaid Expansion Overview
  • Tracking Private-sector ACO Partnerships
  • Accountable Care Organizations: ACOs 101
  • Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
  • Value-based Purchasing for Hospitals
  • Healthcare Reform: Comparative Effectiveness
  • Hospital-acquired Conditions and Infections Policies


From the HIDA Store

Image   Healthcare Reform: Annual Checkup Market Brief
This market brief is designed as a comprehensive update to the 2010 Healthcare Reform: Industry Advocacy, Stakeholder Impacts & Outlook report and includes all previously released appendices.

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Image   2011 Gift Disclosure Report
This regulatory report outlines pharmaceutical and medical device marketing, gift disclosure, gift reporting, and gift ban requirements developed by the states and federal government to increase transparency in healthcare.

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Image   Healthcare Reform: Pilot Programs & Demonstration Projects
Many of the changes that will occur within Medicare and Medicaid across the next decade will be preceded by various pilot programs and demonstration projects. Healthcare reform establishes and/or expands over 30 pilots and demonstrations. This HIDA resource outlines those programs as early ndicators of large-scale reimbursement and process changes. Publication date: November 2010.

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  Healthcare Reform: Glossary of Key Healthcare Reform Terms and Detailed Implementation
This comprehensive resource from HIDA is designed to serve as an appendix to the Healthcare Reform: Industry Advocacy, Stakeholder Impacts & Outlook market brief. This update to the initial market brief is intended to keep members apprised of healthcare reform developments. Publication date: July 2010.

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