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HIDA and AMS webinars are an easy and convenient way to keep informed. Webinars marked with asterisk (*) are worth ONE AMS point .

HIDA Webinars for All Members

FREE to HIDA Members and HIDA Educational Foundation Associates.
HIDA webinars begin at 1:00 pm ET and run for approximately 60 minutes, unless noted.

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AMS Webinars – Priority Access

FREE to AMS licensees. AMS webinars begin at 1:00 pm ET, unless noted.
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You got past the gatekeeper. And holy cow, you got the decision-maker on the phone! Make the most of your one chance to make a great first impression in Session 3 of this 3-part sales series with cold calling expert John Costigan.  

Perpetual innovators make 4 times more profits than financially efficient competitors. Join Bruce Merrifield, presenter of the highly rated Executive Conference session to learn how to define your unique customer-profitability core.  

Join this webinar for an in-depth conversation about earning more sales support from your distributor partners. This is an extended, 90-minute webinar open specifically to AMS manufacturer licensees.  

It's hard to believe that there was a time when products were sold exclusively by salespeople. In today’s digital age, many healthcare consumers and providers make purchasing decisions after comparing products online.  


Webinar Recordings

Recordings are typically available approximately 1-2 weeks after live webinar.

If you’re trying to get in and see the doctor or decision maker, you’ll definitely have to deal with gatekeepers. Join the discussion with cold calling expert John Costigan in Session 2 of this 3-part sales series.  

HIDA’s Research & Analytics team has conducted a new survey of 1,000 patients to learn directly from them how cost and value affect their decision-making. Learn how the patient’s approach to healthcare is changing.  

If you sell to nursing homes and other extended care providers, or want to grow business with this market, don’t miss this free webinar to learn about the latest on demand trends and customer needs.  

HIDA’s Research & Analytics team surveyed 125 hospital supply chain executives to get an in-depth look at their growth strategies for this coming year in this webinar.  

What is the secret behind meeting quota by September, crushing it by December, and having over 30 deals out there to start the next quarter? Join the discussion with cold calling expert John Costigan in Session 1 of a 3-part sales series.  

Recent research from HIDA Research & Analytics revealed that Millennials have very different expectations from healthcare providers compared to other generations.  

With the volume-to-value shift in healthcare reimbursement, quality metrics are more important than ever for your healthcare customers, a great sales tool for you. Join HIDA's Govt Affairs team for this market-by-market update on Medicare.  

If your company uses distributors to connect with healthcare customers, this free webinar is for you. Join us to discuss how the most successful manufacturers work with distributor partners to multiply their sales reach and effectiveness.  

Major healthcare decisions, critical supply chain issues, and key Medicare and Medicaid funding issues will be front and center in the 115th Congress. Learn what's changing and what's not from HIDA's Government Affairs team.  


Webinar Pricing

HIDA Webinar Prices – As follows unless noted:

  • HIDA Member: Live webinar: $0 | Webinar plus recording: $0
  • Non-member: Live webinar: $199 | Webinar plus recording: $299

Recordings typically available approximately 1 week after live webinar.

AMS Webinar Prices – As follows unless noted:

It’s All Free for AMS Licensees – the 2016 AMS Webinar Series is offered FREE to all employees of AMS licensee companies. Programs are also open for a fee to non-AMS licensees.

  • AMS Licensee Company:  Live webinar: $0 | Webinar plus recording: $0
  • HIDA Member: Live webinar:$149 per participant | Webinar plus recording: $249
  • Non-member: Live webinar: $249 | Webinar plus recording: $349

Recordings typically available approximately 1 week after live webinar. For more information about webinars or AMS recordings contact: Naomi Cheung,

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