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Market-by-Market Timelines – October 2011
Market specific timelines demonstrate how programs and policies will roll out, affect multiple markets, and interact over time

Comparative Effectiveness Rssource (CER) Slides--September 2011
Providing evidence on the effectiveness, benefits, and harms of different treatment options

Hospital-acquired Conditions (HACs) and Infections (HAIs) Policies – August 2011
Understand how healthcare reform reimbursement policies regarding HACs and HAIs fit together and will impact

Healthcare Reform Timeline -- November 2010
The Healthcare Reform Timeline can be downloaded by clicking the link above. It can also be viewed below

Healthcare Reform Insights – September 2010
An interactive tool that outlines key healthcare reform concepts and goals, while examining the opportunities and challenges

Glossary & Timeline – July 2010
A resource that defines key healthcare reform terms and provides a detailed implementation timeline for healthcare reform

Healthcare Reform Winners & Losers – March 2010
A resource that summarizes the impacts of healthcare reform legislation on industry stakeholders and outlines Winners & Losers

HIDA on Healthcare Reform
Health Reform Provisions Rollout - August 2010
Health Reform Passage - May 2010
Reconciling Healthcare Reform - April 2010



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