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The AMS Sales Training Program offers a complete training library for your sales team. Full access to this training can be found at www.HIDAEducation.org.

AMS Core Curriculum Courses provide a basis of knowledge for sales, the business of distribution, and medical terminology. These culminate in developing a sales team that is educated on a full spectrum of terms, industry practices, and trends that are the foundation to the medical sales industry. Titles are below.  For a full description, please click here.

Understanding Hospital Customers
Understanding Physician Customers
Understanding Long Term Care Customers
The Human Body
Introduction to Healthcare Products
Understanding the Distribution Business
Selling Distribution Value
Precall Planning and Opening the Call
Identifying and Targeting Customer Needs
Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale
Time Management
Managing Accounts for Growth and Profitability
Managing Your Territory for Maximum Productivity

AMS Masters Courses provide advanced knowledge on a broad variety of topics and issues including profitibility and healthcare reform. Titles are below.  For a full description, please click here.

GS1 US Supply Chain Standards
Quantifying Distributor Value for Hospitals
Basics of Incontinence Management-What Reps Need to Know
Clean, Aseptic and Sterile Technique
GPOs and Regional Contracting Trends
How Will ACOs Impact the Supply Chain?
EHR Financial Incentives Update
The Proposed Medical Device Tax Rule
Talking with Your Customers about Self-distribution
Competitive Bidding: Hot Button Issues for Long Term Care Suppliers
How to Help Your Skilled Nursing Facilities Improve Their Most Critical Clinical Outcomes
The 3 R’s: Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Reform Issues Driving Change in Your Long-Term Care Customers
Healthcare Reform: The 4 Biggest Changes That Will Transform the Way Your Hospital Customers Operate
Growing Your Business in Emerging Long-term Care Markets: Assisted Living, Home Care, and More
5 Things You Need to Know about How Physicians Make Money
4 Trends That Will Dramatically Change The Way Your Physician Customers Do Business
Your Customer Just Got Bought-Now What?
Strategies for Helping Acute Care Facilities Better Manage Their Supply Chains
3 Keys to Penetrating the Ambulatory Surgery Center Market
Device Identification: The Proposed UDI Rule & Implications for Manufacturers and Distributors
Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Reform, Regulation & Reimbursement
Healthcare Reform Series: The Final ACO Rule
2011 Acute Care Market Report
2011 Physician Market Report
2011 Extended Care Market Report
Preparing Your Customers for the Coming Flu Season
Healthcare Reform Series: Long-Term Care Home and Community Based Services
Healthcare Reform Series: Physician Market Impacts
Healthcare Reform Series: Acute Care Impacts 
Healthcare Reform Series: Community Health Centers
Community Health Centers: Essentials to Calling on This Growing Market
Accountable Care Organizations: The Next Big Driver of Physician-Hospital Integration?
Understanding MDS 3.0's Impact on Your Long-Term Care Customers
Healthcare Reform in Jeopardy?
Healthcare Reform Insights: Incentives and Challenges to EHR Adoption
Healthcare Reform Market Brief (Spring 2010)
EMR-EHR and Stimulus Funding
Using Reimbursement Knowledge to Make Sales
Legal Issues in Healthcare
Helping Your Customers with HIPAA
Physician-Hospital Consolidation: Trends, Status, and Forecast
Community Health Centers: Essentials to Calling on This Growing Market
2010 Acute Care Market Report
2010 Physician Market Report
Improving the Physician Practice: EMR Challenges from the Customer Perspective
Physician Practice Management Trends
Selling to Surgery Center Customers
Selling to Physician Office Labs
Promoting CMS Guidelines for Urinary Incontinence
Emerging Health Technologies: EMR and More
Skilled Nursing Facilities: Medicare Billing and Payment Fundamentals
Fundamentals of GPOs and Healthcare Contracting
Protecting Patients from Unsafe Injections
Complying with CDC Guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment
Detecting Bacterial Vaginosis and Trichomoniasis
Obesity and the Medical Products Market
Detecting Respiratory Illness Early
Selling to Physician Office Labs
Selling Safety Products for IV Therapy
Promoting Flu Vaccine Recommendations
Rapid Diagnostics
Selling PT-INR Testing for Oral Anticoagulation Therapy
Selling iFOBTs for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Selling Hemoglobin A1c Testing
Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections
Selling Diagnostic Equipment for Exam and Procedure Rooms
Selling Safety Products for Injection, Blood Collection, and Sharps Disposal
Selling Diabetes Management Products
Physician Office Furniture and Lighting
Bloodborne Pathogens and Healthcare Worker Safety
Bone Density Measurement
Cardiopulmonary Equipment
Recovering from a Service Mistake
Calling on the C-Suite
How to Create Ecstatic Customers
How to Be a Consultative Resource for Your Long Term Care Customers
Selling High-End Products
Know More! The Key to Becoming a Valued Resource to Your Customer
Selling Value; Not Price
Helping Your Physician Customers Grow Their Practices
5 Top Closing Techniques To Speed Up Your Sales Cycle
PRECISE Selling by Phone
Using the Phone for Business Development; Powerful Tool for Sales Reps
Attack: Why Going on Defense in the Medical Business is Not an Option
Using E-mail in Sales
How Sales Reps Can Impact Profitability
How to Double the Number of Prospects You Convert into Paying Lifetime Customers
Dominate the Competition
Getting to the Next Level: Building a Thriving Distribution Sales Territory
Growing Your Account Base
Maximizing Productivity
Sales Insights for Physician Reps
Negotiating Skills for the Distributor Salesperson
Leveraging Manufacturer Partnerships
Margin Management for Distributor Salespeople
Selling through Distributors
Distribution Strategy for Manufacturers

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